Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Staying Connected


     C O N N E C T E D through Social Media

Staying connected is probably the most difficult thing to do especially when you are busy doing your life's daily tasks. But with today's technology, it allows us to stay connected where ever, and however we like.

With today's aspiring choices of social media, it provides the perfect way for people to share photos, connect with each other on real time, and provides businesses to market their products as well as connect with their customers.

For us, social media is the perfect way for us to extend our customer service as well as connect with our customers all over the world by sharing inspiring photos we find while antiquing or browsing on the internet, event announcements, decorating tips & ideas, and our special offers. Like you, staying connected is also difficult for us but we continue to challenge ourselves to stay connected and share relevant information that hopefully, will help inspire our daily lives.

Connect with us and share our passion!


  1. Social media is the rage on businesses today. It seems like all businesses are participating on all social media networks that exists. What do you guys think is the best social network site out there?

  2. From our experience or at least from a business perspective, it all depends on your goals. For example, we find that Facebook has been slow with respect to results and it has been difficult to get interaction from people. We believe this is due to different demographic focus on Facebook compared to other sites such as Pinterest. Pinterest appears to work well for an antique service such as ours for a few reasons. One reason is that people seem to use Pinterest as a visual Web bookmarking tool, which is ideal for collecting design and decorating ideas at a quick reference. Connecting with our customers in a visual way is vital to our success and we spend a lot of time on this aspect of our presentation. We also find that Google+ is starting to be a bit more interactive which fits our customer profile for much the same reasons. So when it comes to choosing a social media site, we say select ones that are best aligned with your goals and where your target market hangs out the most.